flour or flower

flourflour / floury / floured

Flour is used for making bread, cakes, pasta etc
Add two tablespoons of flour.
whole wheat flour
plain/self-raising flour

Beautiful bouquet of bright flowers

flower / flowers / flowery / flowering / flowered

A flower is often made up of many petals

 a bunch/bouquet of flowers: He gave me a big bunch of flowers.
a plant that is grown because its flowers are attractive
I’m going to plant more flowers in the front garden this year.
in flower
if a plant is in flower, flowers are growing on it
The garden looked beautiful with all the roses in flower.

verbto flower
if a plant flowers, it produces flowers
to become more successful and completely developed: His musical talent flowered in his twenties.

Also flowery, flowerpot, flowerbed

Now try this exercise – be careful the tense/endings change in some – flowery/flowering/floury/floured etc.

flour or flower exercise

Type in the right – flower/flowers/flowering/flowered/ flour/floury/floured/flouring