for, four, fore


  • indicates the person who receives something: This course is for you.
  • indicates purpose or reason: Thanks for the birthday card.
  • indicates a destination or distance:  We walked for miles
  • indicates periods of time: I’ve know him for about 6 years. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

for ages = for a long time I’ve known her for ages
for now/ for the time being – For the time being concentrate on this course. Don’t worry about getting it right for now.
What for?” = why?
be all for something / up for = approve of: I’m all for having some fun. I’m up for having a drink later.

If it weren’t for/ if it hadn’t been for – If it hadn’t been for Lisa, I would never have got the job.
for all I/we/you knowit may be true but it’s not important –  For all I know, he may be a hundred.

for all = despite – For all their faults, it’s a good company to work for. 

but for…, as for…, for one thing…, for a start

four = number 4

fourteen -14
fourth – 4th / forth

on all fours – crawling on hands and knees
four-letter word = swear words
four-wheel drive – my car is a four-wheel drive


adjective – situated or placed in front: The fore and hind legs of a horse 

also a prefix meaning in front – forehead, forearm, forefront, forecourt, forecast, foreboding, foreground

to the fore   into a position of importance
The issue of taxation has once again come to the fore.  The issue came to the fore The new legislation brings patients’ needs to the fore. 

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for, four, fore

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