great and grate

•someone or something very large
•someone or something amazing / someone very talented
•something enjoyable.

It’s great!
I had a great big piece of pizza.
He’s a great politician.

one of the greats – a very successful or admired person — usually plural ▪ She is among the greats of literature. ▪ He is one of the all-time greats in football.

grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeseGrate: (grated, grating, grates, grateful)
1. to shred food finely by rubbing it on a grater: Grate some cheese, please.
2. make an unpleasant scratching sound: The hinges of the door always grate.
3. have an irritating effect: The buzzing sound grated on her nerves. His voice is stating to grate on me. 

the recess of a fireplace or furnace: a small coal fire burned in the grate

adjective grated: grated cheese
Would you like some grated cheese on your pasta?

memory trick – word in a word – ate grated cheese 

Grating cheese with a grater to make grated cheese.

I’m grateful for the grater you gave me so I can grate loads of Parmesan on my pasta. 


*Also grateful is a very important word:  I’m grateful to you.

I’m grateful for all your help.

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