homophones video

YouTube video transcript.

In this video we’re looking at homophones. Do you know what those are?

Homophones are words that have the same sound/pronunciation but different meaning and different spelling. Words like- to, two, too, heal he’ll, heal, peace piece, pores, paws, pours, pause, some of the most common words in English are homophones and are a nightmare especially remembering which spelling is which

Let’s have a look at some: there, they’re, their/ to, too, two /ate. eight, here, hear, been, bean /witch, which/bye, buy, by/ /pear, pair, pare/ isle, aisle, I’ll/ allowed, aloud/ ate, eight/ new, knew/ piece, peace/ genes, jeans

*These words are often used incorrectly in writing. The computer won’t correct you or tell you it’s a mistake because it’s not a spelling mistake just the wrong word. Unless of course it is a spelling mistake!!

Using memory tricks will help sort out which witch is which. (Go to my Spelling Strategies Bonus video)


Let’s look at a couple of sentences with some homophones in them

1. I want to buy a new pair of jeans because I’ve put on weight and my waist has expanded.

8 homophones in this sentence.

I (eye) want to(two/too) buy(by/bye) a new(knew) pair(pear/pare) of jeans(genes) because I’ve put on weight(wait) and my waist(waste) has expanded.

Next sentence …
2. This week I felt so weak and I don’t know why, maybe because I ate nothing for days.

This week(weak) I(eye) felt so(sew/sow) weak(week) and I don’t know(no) why, maybe because I ate(eight) nothing for(four/fore) days(daze).

A nightmare to remember which witch is which!

We know which homophone is which because we understand the context but sometimes when we write the first easy homophone spelling comes into our brain and we write it – so we must proof read always.