Module 1


These words are some of the most common words in English and are regularly used incorrectly.

Click on the words you need to work on or test yourself – self-assessments below.

your, you’re
no, know
there, their, they’re
wear, where, we’re, were
here, hear

write, right, rite, wright
by, buy, bye
to, two, too
four, for, fore
eight, ate


Which ones confuse you?

Wordle - homophones 1



Test your knowledge here. And remember to work on three or four for two weeks until you know them inside out!


self-assessment test 1 - Module 1

Press Start
then press View Questions when you want to see your results.

Self- assessment 2 – exercise

self-assessment test 2 - Module 1

Self-assessment 2 – module 1. Type the correct homophone on the line.



Remember to keep coming back to these tests over the weeks and months to keep practising and testing yourself.