pause, pours, paws, pores

interrupt action or speech briefly: Slow down and pause a minute.
temporarily interrupt the operation of (a process or device): Pause the video.

a temporary stop in action or speech: She dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain
He chattered away without pause
Press the pause button

memory trick – pause a minute

poursa coffee house employee brew a single cup of coffee

verb with He pours/ She pours/ It pours

  • flow rapidly in a steady stream:  When it rains heavily water pours off the roof
  • cause (a liquid) to flow from a container in a steady stream:  She pours milk into tea from a little jug
  • prepare and serve (a drink):  He pours himself  a cup of coffee every morning. Harry pours her a drink of wine every evening.
  • pour something into) contribute money to (an enterprise or project) in copious amounts: Belgium pours money into its economy
  • (pour something out) express one’s feelings in an unrestrained way: In his letters, he always pours his heart  out
  • rain falls heavily: It always pours in summer. It pours with rain every day. 


memory trick – pour  use the o  pour some milk in coffee

poresyoung man reading small bible
noun – a minute opening in a surface: When your pores get blocked you get spots.
verb – She pores over/ He pores over
pores over/ pores through
be absorbed in reading or studying (something):
She always pores over cookery books.

an animal’s foot having claws and pads.
(informal) a person’s hand: The Internet is the easiest way to get your paws on mucky pictures

We can also have pour, paw, pore
pored, pawed, poured, paused
pouring, pawing, poring

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pause, pours, pores, paws

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