peace or piece


  • an amount of something, a part of something.

memory trick- use the word-within-the-word trick pie in piece – a piece of pie


skitched-20120225-145955apple pie slice on plate with fork






piece something to togetherto discover the truth about something from different pieces of information. Detectives are trying to piece together his last days of his life.
bits and piecessmall things of different kinds. I’ve finished packing apart from a few bits and pieces.
a piece of cake (informal) – something is very easy – This is a piece of cake.
a piece (or slice) of the action (informal)- a share in an exciting or profitable enterprise: They’d underwrite the cost of the drilling in return for a piece of the action.
break into parts or become damaged:
go to piecesbecome so upset or nervous that you’re unable to function normally: My mother went to pieces after his death

in one pieceunharmed or undamaged, especially after a dangerous experience: Don’t worry, I’ll get you there in one piece
piece by piecein gradual stages: I intend to approach this course piece by piece
piece of work – (informal) a person of a specified kind, especially an unpleasant one: He’s a nasty piece of work
say your/my piecegive one’s opinion or make a prepared statement: I’ve said my piece, it’s up to you
tear (or pull) someone/thing to piecescriticise someone or something harshly: Theatre critics would tear the production to pieces

peace  – peace and love, calm, no war

Fotolia_27876603_XS heart 2Fotolia_16928350_XSPeace of mind.

  • freedom from disturbance; tranquillity: He just wanted to drink a few beers in peace
  • mental or emotional calm: The peace of mind this insurance gives you

memory trick – see the a in waskitched-20130629-170617


at peace – At 70, she was at peace with herself and the world.
Also means dead and therefore free from the difficulties of life,
in a state of friendliness, not at war: He’s a man at peace with the world
hold one’s peace- remain silent about something: He shook his head at such idiocy, but held his peace.
keep the peace- to avoid or prevent an argument or civil unrest: The police must play a crucial role in keeping the peace
make (one’s) peace– re-establish friendly relations: He returned to the village to make peace with his mother
no peace for the wicked– no rest for the wicked

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