sight, site

From the Oxford Dictionary: Many people confuse the words site and sight. As a noun, site means ‘a place where something is constructed or has occurred’ (the site of the battle; the concrete is mixed on site, a website), while sight chiefly means ‘the faculty or power of seeing’ (he lost his sight as a baby).

sightjunge Frau formt Finger zur Brille
common usage – noun

  • the faculty or power of seeing: She’s gradually losing her sight. A sight test. I’ve always been scared of the sight of blood
  • (sights) places of interest to tourists and visitors in a city, town, or other place: sightseeing. We’re visiting the famous sights.
  • (a sight) informal a person or thing having a ridiculous, repulsive, or dishevelled appearance: ‘I must look a frightful sight,’ she said


        • at first sight: on first seeing or meeting someone: It was love at first sight
        • in (or within) one’s sights: within the scope of one’s ambitions or expectations: He had the prize firmly in his sights
        • lose sight of:  be no longer able to see: When night fell, the crew lost sight of the  + fail to consider, be aware of, or remember.: We should not lose sight of the fact that the issues involved are moral ones
        • not a pretty sight: informal – not a pleasant spectacle or situation: Squid aren’t a pretty sight, but they taste lovely.
        • out of sight: not visible: She saw them off, waving until the car was out of sight
        • out of sight, out of mind: proverb you soon forget people or things that are no longer visible or present: He’ll be locked away for the rest of his life—out of sight, out of mind
        • (get) out of my sight! go away at once! Get out of my sight!
        • raise (or lower) one’s sights: become more (or less) ambitious; increase (or lower) one’s expectations: If it fails to reach that minimum, they can either lower their sights or take the property off the market
        • set one’s sights on: have as an ambition; hope strongly to achieve or reach:  Katherine set her sights on university
        • a sight for sore eyes: informal a person or thing that one is extremely pleased or relieved to see: The mighty Cairngorms are a sight for sore eyes in any walker’s book.
        • a sight to behold – a person or thing that is particularly impressive or worth seeing: His garden was a sight to behold



  • an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed: The proposed site of a hydroelectric dam. The concrete is mixed on site.
  • a place where a particular event or activity is occurring or has occurred The site of the Battle of Flodden
  • short for building site.
  • short for campsite or caravan site.
  • a website: The site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners. Some servers use cookies to track users from site to site


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