threw & through

paper airplanes        Threw:
•the past tense of ‘to throw’

They threw their paper planes.
He threw the ball.

Cheryl drew back her fist and threw another punch
She threw a withering glance at him

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IMG_0094      Through:

to start at one end and come out at the other

They walked through the park.
He drilled through the wall.

because of something
He got news of the job through a friend

  • from beginning to end of (an experience or activity, typically a tedious or stressful one: We sat through some very boring speeches

phrase – through and through
in every aspect; thoroughly or completely: Harriet was a political animal through and through

Also throughout (in every part of something and from beginning to end) The football match was watched throughout the world. It rained throughout our holiday.

throughout history = through the ages: the influence of Greek culture through the ages/ throughout history

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Now do this exercise

threw and through?

Type in the write word – through or threw