to, too, two

It is easy to get confused about when to use to, too and two.Identical twin boys

Watch the video, then read the info and then do the exercises.

two means 2 of anything. It’s always used as a number.

I have two children. Your appointment is at two. I have two left. 

Check out the  tw– letter pattern word family below see how the words are related to 2 in some way.



Check out the ‘Why is there a w in two’ video

too fat Too has 2 uses:

1. We use it when something is more than it should be,when conditions are beyond what is right or reasonable – they are extreme, not good, negative:
too late

too fat
too cold
too much
too many

There are too many cars on the motorways.
London is too  expensive to live in.

exaggerate the tooooo – tooooo much, tooooo many.”

2. We use it to mean “also” or “as well”:
Can I come too?
I’m going on holiday too.

*When remembering if it means “also” and “as well”  just say “as well” instead of too. Do you want to come too/as well/ also?

informal meaning very:  You’re too kind. Also in negative sentences: The weather’s not too bad.

To also has 2 uses:pretty student revising for her exams #2
We use it as part of a verb when you want to say “to do something”:
I want her to listen to me.
He plans to move to a bigger house.

We use it before a noun to show “going towards”:
It is quarter to four
Give that to me!


Also be careful of the 2/3 syllable words beginning with to

today, tomorrow, tonight, together, towards.

Do this to, too, two exercise, then do some more in the Exercises section and a spelling test.

to, too, two

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to, too, two 2

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