various homophones gap fill

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1: He was sick for several days and his face was so_____(pail/pale).

2:   Walking down the __________(I’ll/aisle/isle) to get married can be both scary and exciting.

3:  After running out of ______(flour/flower), the baker had to stop baking.

4:   The builders covered the bare/bear walls with paint.

5:    We searched everywhere trying to __________(fined/find) our lost dog.

6:    I was so bored/board with the film I walked out of the cinema.

7:   Fierce winds ___________(blew/blue) all night keeping me awake.

8:    The government has the right to __________(sees/seas/seize) the stolen property.

9:     Glass containers and bottles are ________________(band/banned) on the beach

10:    I want to buy/by/bye a present for my daughter.