wait or weight

wait / waitsyoung woman waiting for her flight / waited 

  • stay in a particular place, and not do anything until somebody or something arrives or happens, or delay action: He did not wait for a reply. Vera did not wait on a Home Office ruling. We shall need a statement later, but that will have to wait.
  • (cannot wait) used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen: I can’t wait to tell Nick what happened
  • act as a waiter or waitress, serving food and drink: A local man was employed to wait on them at table. We had to wait tables in the mess hall

nouna period of waiting: We had a long wait.

memory trick – use the a in wait –  wait for someone to arrive


wait and see – wait to find out what will happen before doing something: We’ll have to wait and see what happens
something can/cannot waitused for saying that something does not need to be done now/needs to be done now – I need to talk to you and I’m afraid it can’t wait.

Phrasal Verbs

wait on (or wait upon) – act as an attendant to: a maid was appointed to wait on her
wait up – not go to bed until someone arrives or something happens: I’ll be back late. Don’t wait up for me
wait up – go more slowly or stop until someone catches up: The kids bound out of sight, and I shout ‘Wait up!’

weight / weights / weightedFat man with a tape measure


  • the heaviness of a person or thing: He was at least fifteen stone in weight. As he came upstairs the boards creaked under his weight.
  • [count noun] a unit or system of units used for expressing how much an object or quantity of matter weighs: weights and measures
  • a piece of metal known to weigh a definite amount and used on scales to determine how heavy an object or quantity of a substance is: The herbalist spooned the powder on to scales with tiny brass weights
  • a heavy object, especially one being lifted or carried: Be careful when lifting a heavy weight
  • (weights) blocks or discs of metal or other heavy material used in weightlifting or weight training.
  •  the ability of someone or something to influence decisions or actions: A recommendation by the committee will carry great weight

memory trick – eight in weight  their weight is  eight kilos/pounds/ stones

put on weight or lose weight – become fatter (or thinner): you shouldn’t be eating that burger—you’ve put on weight lately. She had lost weight and her features seemed almost angular
throw your weight about (or around) – informal be unpleasantly self-assertive: He swaggered about throwing his weight about.
throw one’s weight behind – informal use one’s influence to help support: The council is to throw its weight behind a campaign to save one of the borough’s best-loved beauty spots
the weight of the world – used in reference to a very heavy burden of worry or responsibility:
He continues to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders
a weight off your mind – come as a great relief after one has been worried: There’s nothing seriously wrong with you—is that a weight off your mind?
be worth your weight in gold – be extremely useful or helpful: Someone who can understand and collate medical notes is worth their weight in gold

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