week or weak

weekman in warehouse

  • a period of seven days – Monday to Sunday. The course lasts sixteen weeks. He cut the grass a week ago. She has an art class twice a week.
  • a week day workdays as opposed to the weekend; the five days from Monday to Friday: I work during the week, so I can only get to this shop on Saturdays
  • the time spent working during a week: She works a 48-hour week
  • British informal used after the name of a day to indicate that something will happen seven days after that day: the programme will be broadcast on Sunday week


a week on —  I’ll see you a week on Thursday.  (next Thursday in a week’s time))
seven days after the specified day or date:  we’ll be back a week on Friday
week in, week out  or week after week – every week without exception.

Also weeksweekday, weekend, weekly

weakYoung woman with sinus pressure pain

  • lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; having little physical strength or energy: She was recovering from flu, and was very weak.
  • lacking power or influence: The central government had grown too weak to impose order.
  • (as plural noun the weak) The new king used his powers to protect the weak.
  • part of your body that is weak is not as strong or healthy as it should be: He had a weak stomach
  • not convincing or logically forceful: The argument is an extremely weak one
  • lacking intensity or brightness: A weak light from a single street lamp
  • a weak liquid contains a lot of water and not much
    of a substance that gives it taste or strength:
    A cup of weak coffee
  • displaying or characterized by a lack of enthusiasm or energy: She managed a weak, nervous smile
  • (of face) not striking or strongly marked: His beard covered a weak chin


the weakest linkthe point at which a system, sequence, or organization is most vulnerable; the least dependable element or member: The replacement goalkeeper proved to be the team’s weakest link.

Also weakish, weaken, weakness, weakly

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